On October 30, 2018, we received a visit from our IGFM partner, Khalil Al Rasho.

Once again we were able to give him 70 boxes of aid to be forwarded to northern Iraq so that we could distribute it in good time before Christmas. These included: clothing and toys, sewing machines and fabrics, food and household appliances, medical technology, wheelchairs and diapers, cosmetics, detergents and office technology. Much is needed for special projects in the northern Iraq refugee camps, where many thousands of Christians and Yazidis still have to stay, because after the atrocities committed by Muslim groups, they are still unable to return to their former villages and towns.

Khalil told us that when he was last transported in September, an office could be set up in one of the warehouses. As a result, literacy courses started, especially for young women. A music group could also be set up. Because of this kindness he received from us good speakers and an effects device.

So that we can continue to provide these types of services in the usual quality, we rely on your help and look forward to your support.

You are welcome to bring us mission goods or make an appointment with us for collection.
The collected donations are made available in our mission camp at address:
Am Markt 12, in 17328 Penkun

We are grateful for donations:

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