IGFM-Lieferung 3, Nordirak

Our friend Khalil Al Rasho from the IGFM partner ministry visited us on June 16, 2018, to collect a large delivery of a medical and rehabilitation technology.
12 sewing machines and 10 boxes with fabrics and cosmetics for the realization of IGFM projects in the Kurdish refugee camps added the load.

In addition, we were able to give almost 40 boxes with household appliances, toys and snacks.

Already on Thursday, June 21st, Khalil flew to northern Iraq to present the aid projects to a team of doctors and other helpers.
Because more goods have to be collected for a full truck transport, the delivery we have given will only arrive in the refugee area in late summer this year. At an appointed time, our friend will fly to northern Iraq again helping with the distribution.


IGFM-Lieferung, Nordirak     IGFM-Lieferung 2, Nordirak

The EMG regularly finances the transport journeys from our mission camp to the IGFM camp before these and other relief goods arrive in northern Iraq with a large transport.

A donation of transport costs to ensure further deliveries would be of great help to the Mission and our partner.

We are grateful for donations:

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