Our friend and partner Mohammed Amin, the director of the partner ministry “Light of Life Ministries International” (LoLMI), receives financial support from the EMG at regular intervals for his services on site. Since 2017 EMG has been striving to support the project “Community Development – PJ 2017-022”. We were able to transfer a small amount of money as a start-up aid. Also, in the following years we want to help our partner with finances, because kind donations cause too high transport and customs costs. For the completion and furnishing of two buildings, a total of 8 windows, 2 doors and 30 benches with 1 lectern, and dinner table each, with a total value of 2,600 euros, are needed.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to suggest a collection to your church leadership in order to support this project?

We gratefully accept donations for the promotion of community development projects in Ethiopia:

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