Faberstifte für Waisenkinder 1

On May 26, 2016 we thanked the Faber-Castell company for supporting the orphans in Iraq. The well-known stationery manufacturer donated a package with many crayons for the orphans in the refugee camps.

Thanks to Faber-Castell

The crayons were sent to our second aid transport this year.

The children gratefully accepted their gift from the hands of our IGFM partner.

Thanks again to the Faber-Castell company!

I would have loved to write: They accepted the gift WITH JOY – but these children are severely traumatized. IS murdered their parents; they saw and experienced things that a child should never experience or see. Therefore, the smile on their faces is missing.

These orphans need all of our help, they need love, care and “nest-warmth”, food, clothing and education.

Please help us to ease the fate of these children.

We are grateful for donations:

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Donation – PJ 2016-018 | Orphans Irak