Our Ethiopian partner M. Amin regularly needs financial support for the construction, renovation, and equipping of girls’ and boys’ schools. The renovation and furnishing of a school building with 5 classrooms requires 6,300 euros for the purchase of cement, sand, windows, doors, blackboards, teacher’s tables with chairs, payment for block masonry and floor work, truck transports etc. including labor costs. Unfortunately, we could only finance the procurement of a first delivery of material from the donations received on our mission account so far. In order to equip all classrooms, a sum of 3,440 euros must be raised for 80 tables and 320 chairs. In order for 320 students to receive a student uniform and learning materials, 4,000 euros are needed.

This project can also be supported by taking on a long-term sponsorship. Per pupil 60 euros per month are needed for clothes, 1 lunch, and the school fees for the teacher financing.

We gratefully accept donations for the support of school construction projects in Ethiopia:

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