New Life in Saporishja

Dear Friends,
today we would like to inform you about the community “New Life” in Saporishja.
Under the direction of Pastor Oleg Sub, years of work in prisons a rehabilitation center was created in which men who had committed crimes found a new life. In addition, Pastor Oleg’s team is active in child and youth work.
The community also supports people and other communities in the war zone.
For the work in the southeastern regions of the oblast Saporishja the opening of another rehabilitation center is sought.
There are also plans to build a farm to supply the rehabilitation centers with their own food.

Donations in kind are urgently needed for these services to our neighbors.

For child and youth work:
• trampolines
• toys
• “neutral” board games (none with German language)
• balls (for every sport)
• bicycles, scooters, boards
• equipment for children’s playgrounds: slides, swings etc.
• tables, chairs, carpets (to crawl for the little ones)
• musical instruments for music courses
• Table tennis and hockey equipment

For the rehabilitation centers in Saporishja and on the edge of the war zone:
• 2 solid fuel boilers, beds, furniture
• washing machines, gas stoves, microwaves
• shoes, men’s clothing, hygiene articles
• seed cereals

The team also helps with craftsmen – they repair, lay tiles, cover roofs or repair them. Tools are urgently needed for this.

A hospice has also been set up in Chasov Yar, which is very dependent on beds, furniture, hygiene products, diapers and underwear.

Here some Pictures:

Thank you for your help!

We are grateful for donations:

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